Taskily as a service

Taskily as a service lets you run Taskily without all the hassle of hosting, databases and domain names.

We offer three flavours of Taskily as a service: Free, Standard and Unlimited. See the table, for a detailed comparison of what each one offers.


Free Standard Unlimited
Create surveys online
Public surveys 3 5 Unlimited
Gather responses 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Live graphs of results
Make results public
Run a prize draw
Download all the data
Create/edit/manage surveys online
Add additional custom questions
Cost Free £100 per year Get in touch
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How can I pay?

You can purchase Taskily as a service on this site. We accept all major credit cards, but if you are stuck in the middle of a large organisation where that is a problem, we can arrange purchase orders. Contact us at taskily@jumoo.co.uk for more information.

What happens after a year?

A Taskily standard subscription will last twelve months, after which time it will downgrade back to a free subscription.

Because you are unlikely to be running surveys for more than 12 months we don't automatically renew your subscription. We will email you, and if you want to carry on paying, you can renew through the site.

How long will you keep stuff?

All your data will be available to download for the length of your subscription. We don't guarantee we will keep data from free subscriptions - at the moment we are looking to clean them down after 6 months of inactivity.