Taskily Demo Surveys


There are a many ways in which you can run a Taskily survey. We have built a few demo surveys, to give you a idea of just what you might use taskily for.

Taskily can ask people what is important to them, so in this survey we ask, what's important in a task survey tool? A good introduction into the features of Taskily, and it shows how nice and easy it can be to get one up and running really quickly.

Taskily Tasks

Taskily was written to perform "top tasks" surveys. Asking people to rank all the services you offer on your website is a great way to find out just what people want and why they are visiting.

Local Goverment Top Task Demo

Taskily doesn't have to be about tasks. You can ask people to pick anything and then put it into order. Taskily will collect the results and draw you some nice graphs.

U.S. States Demo

We all know that 1984 was the year of peak music (in the UK, anyway). This taskily survey is just a bit of fun; pick your favorite six songs from 1984 and help us make our super playlist.

Peak Music