Taskily has been built to help you understand what is important to people. You create a list of 'tasks', then ask people to order them, according to what they care about most.

Taskily does the rest, presenting a clean and easy-to-use interface for people to fill in - getting you the results you need quickly and easily.

Pick what's important

When someone is filling in your survey, they will be presented with a list of tasks, and asked to choose a certain number of them (you choose the number).

The tasks are shown in a random order, which changes each time the survey runs - so you don't just get the first task picked every time.

Put them in order

Once they have picked the tasks, your users will be asked to put them into order.

Users can change the order by dragging the boxes around, and at the end, their most important task will be at the top.

Ask extra questions

If you need to ask a couple of extra things, you can.

Extra questions let you categorize your results. Maybe under-30s like different things to over-55s?

Enter a prize draw*?

Give people a reason to fill in your survey. With a standard Taskily account, you can let people enter a prize draw (prizes not included!).

Taskily's admin tools make it easy to create and control surveys.

Survey dashboard

Run multiple surveys, all from one place.

Results centre

See what's happening, and follow the results as they come in (if you like that sort of thing - we really do!).

Complete control

Edit all aspects of your survey. You can change the tasks, add questions and even completely customize the look and feel of the survey, if you want to.

A free taskily account gives you three free surveys, and up to 50 responses per survey. Sign-up now, and you can start to see what Taskily does, and whether it's what you need.